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Foreigners can buy properties in Australia but there are restrictions which one has to be aware of.  Some important points to note for foreigners are:You can only buy land and build your own home or you can buy newly completed properties. Foreigners are not allowed to buy established lived in... Read More
Most banks offer loans that have an off-set feature.   Although it might cost you to have this feature, it is normally worth it to consider taking up this option, especially when you do have some savings.What exactly is an Off-set account?An off-set account is basically a transactional account... Read More
Property Investors…. this is a good to know. Read More
The question we normally get from clients is what exactly do they need to prepare in terms of documentation. It is actually quite simple and listed below are the documents that one should prepare:Employed individual:– Last two copies of payslips (payslips have to be on company’s letter... Read More
Buying your first home can be a very stressful process and it certainly helps if you take a very systematic process in buying your home.Finance & Budget:This first thing to do is to sort out your finances and work out a budget. It is probably best to sit down with a mortgage broker to go... Read More
The purpose of our blog is to provide latest relevant information to our clients. At the same time, it hopes to be an information sourcing centre whereby you get as much information as you would need from the blogs we post. We hope that by reading our blog, you will have greater knowledge into the... Read More
About 60% of residential home loans are now generated through the brokering channel.So who is this brokering channel and why should you consider using them?a.      Primarily, the brokering channels are independent agents who are accredited by the banks to help them source and lodge deals.   The... Read More
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